A Dream

I’m sitting on the grassy ground, legs dangling effortlessly over the edge of the small plateau. The silent night sky engulfs me as the stars pattern the darkness. The serene peacefulness allows my mind to travel into worlds unexplored by my imagination. My thoughts drift aimlessly between worlds of hope and dreams and of love and disappointments. Contemplating some of my life’s more serious questions. What is my destined purpose in this world? Do I even have a purpose? Does my life have a meaning in the end? Have I really grown from the mistakes I’ve made in the past? Will this still semi-broken heart ever be mended? Will my life and heart ever experience the emotions, the feelings, and the joys of being in love and have that love returned to me? Then in silence my thoughts turn to you. I may be alone under the starry sky but you certainly keep me company in my mind. Images of you play through my mind like  slideshow on an old-fashion, antique projector. Your face. Your eyes. Your adoring smile. The personality held by your soul radiates through those slides. Your caring heart. The way you can always seem to get me to smile and laugh no matter the situation. Just the way you make me feel. The warm and fuzzy butterflies feelings. Thoughts of wonder begin to play on the video in my mind. BAM! All of a sudden I am awoken from my night dreams. The once starry sky is now blazen with colors of red, green. blue, yellow, and white. The crackles, shapes, and thunderous booms of fireworks interrupt the silence I was enjoying. I open my wandering eyes just in time to view the fireworks enveloping the sky and water before me. My mind is fixed upon the radiant bursts of color. The explosions get louder and more frequent as the sky begins to look more like a kaleidescope.  Boom! Boom! Crack! Pop! Boom!  Snap! Then it was over and the silence enveloped me once again. I just lie there in the now dewy grass. My mind quickly chases up to meet you and where I find you is in my hopes and dreams. How I wished you could have been there with me. For me to be cradled in your arms underneath the clear, moonlit sky. I get up and dust myself off before heading to my slumber, where I will finally meet you in my endless dreams.

~I found this in one of my journals and thought it was kind of neat so I posted it.


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