The physical scares you left will heal

For time heals all wounds

Or does it?

The emotional torment you caused my soul

Will last a lifetime

You cheated and you lied

With all of your unforgiving actions

Parts of my soul have died

I’ve moved on

And desperately want to love another fully

But you’ve stolen that from my life

I yearn to trust my lover

But I fear history will repeat itself

You’ve left me so scared that I can’t enjoy life

I can’t be happy since you damaged my soul

You’ve tarnished me

I want more than anything else in this world

To experience the joy of pure happiness

To experience it with my new love

My new life with him is

Something I’ve longed for forever

He’s all I’ve ever dreamed of

Someone who would do anything for me in a heartbeat

And is truly sorry if he hurts me

You were cold and enraged

You took so much from my soul

That those wounds will never in a lifetime heal

I only wish someone would do the same to ou

So you can feel the pain

the torment

the desires

And most of all

-the everlasting insecurities.


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